Finally Saw “Avatar” – Amazing!

As I watched the beautifully immersive experience of seeing Avatar in 3D, certain movie parallels and themes came to mind:
- Surrogates (the recent Bruce Willis movie)
- Lawrence Of Arabia
- Dances With Wolves
- Jurassic Park
- Vietnam war
- Starship Troopers
- Return Of The Jedi
- Aliens
- Pocahontas (read about on web)
- Ferngully (read about on web)
- environmentalism
- metaphysics

So the story wasn’t unique, but the presentation sure was.  The whole movie is a special effects experience, with bits of live actors and real sets thrown in along the way.   It all works, though.  Once again, James Cameron delivers the goods.  The story is well-told, and the audience feels for the characters.  Compare this to the movie 2012, where the special effects were great, but the story and characters were almost laughable.

I loved seeing Coraline in 3D and now other audiences will see what the next level of filmmaking is.  One scene in Avatar stood out: a helicopter in flight, with the reflection of the clouds in the canopy looking distant, just like in real life.  3D is more than a gimmick, it enhances the movie experience, if properly used.

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